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Biological Dentistry in Riverside and Inland Empire

Biological dentistry is built on the foundation that your oral care shouldn’t be harmful to your overall health. We use biocompatible materials and techniques to prevent the negative physiological effects of toxic materials. Our lead dentist, Dr. Chad Tomazin, is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, and is Smart Certified for the safe removal of amalgam fillings. The IAOMT promotes mercury-free, mercury-safe, and biological/biocompatible dentistry through research, development, education, and practice. This provides Dr. Tomazin with a unique understanding of the fears you may have surrounding the health and safety of traditional dentistry.

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Benefits of Biological Dentistry

Non-toxic Materials

Non-toxic Materials

The goal of biological dentistry is to provide our patients with treatments in a safe and non-toxic dental care environment. From anesthesia to dental materials, we ensure that everything we use at our practice is safe for your mouth and your health.


Removal of Incompatible Material

Removal of Incompatible Material

Older dental practices commonly used materials that we now know are harmful to your health. We can remove and replace potentially toxic materials in a manner that minimizes the impact on your overall health.


Overall Health Factors

Overall Health Factors

Biological and holistic dentistry centers on the concept that your oral health is only a part of your overall health. We treat your oral conditions while keeping other health factors in mind. We seek to help keep your immune, cardiac, and respiratory systems in good health as well as your mouth.


Available Procedures

Amalgam Filling Removal

Silver amalgam fillings are actually comprised of 50 percent mercury, which is known to cause brain cell damage and other health problems. These fillings can emit a mercury vapor, which is tasteless, odorless, and colorless but continually infects your body. At IE Dental, we remove amalgam fillings with protocols designed to minimize additional exposure to toxic mercury during the extraction process.

Fluoride Treatment Alternatives

We offer alternatives to fluoride treatments using products that are known to be effective in fighting tooth decay. We shift our focus to acidity reduction in the mouth and using xylitol-based products to help slow or prevent tooth decay.

Activated Oxygen-Ozone

Activated oxygen-ozone treatments can effectively treat gum disease, cavities, and other dental conditions. Ozone has powerful oxidizing properties and is capable of destroying bacteria and removing biomolecules that allow bacteria to colonize. Ozone treatments can disrupt the bacterial population in the tooth cavity, creating an environment that helps reverse the decay process and prevents further structural loss.


VELscope® allows us to better view the tissues in the oral cavity, which can provide easier detection of cancerous tissues in the mouth. VELscope® can be used during routine appointments to check for oral cancer. Early detection plays an important role in the successful treatment of oral cancer.

Our Values


“Your oral health is our number one concern, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the very best to take care of you!”


“Although we have the latest tools that technology has to offer, our goal is still to prevent problems before they occur.”


“Dr. Chad Tomazin and his team will carefully design a dental plan to make YOUR dream smile a reality.”

Patient Testimonials

“I think your entire team is professional, competent, caring, and friendly. I also think you, Dr. Tomazin, are an excellent dentist! The two hygienists with whom I interacted (Brenda and Jennifer, I think) were both impressive! Andi is always hardworking and friendly and Debi is too.”

- Diane S.

“Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, it was a great dental visit. I loved how thorough they were in evaluating the health of my mouth! So much different than my previous experience with dentists.”

- Debrah N.

“I have never recommended nor been impressed by a dentist office before. Both have happened since I found this place. I’m extremely impressed with the comfort, atmosphere, friendliness and professionalism shown here and I truly think more dentists and businesses in general should strive to be like this. I wish I had found them sooner.”

- Jeremiah D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is biological dentistry covered by my insurance?
A. Most biological dentistry treatments should be covered by insurance. Contact your insurance provider and our office to see if you are covered.
How often should I visit my dentist?
A. You should have a general dental visit every six months, which should include a cleaning to prevent cavities.
When should my children begin seeing a dentist?
A. As soon as your child’s first tooth appears, it is beneficial to take him or her to see a dentist. However, you should begin routine visits for your children around 2 or 3 years of age.
Why is my oral pH important?
A. The natural acidity of your mouth plays an important role in the development of tooth decay. A more acidic mouth is more likely to develop cavities.