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Laser Cavity Detection

Cavities are at the root of all dental concerns. Poor diet, lack of oral hygiene, and genetics all put you at risk for developing cavities (also known as caries) that, if left untreated, can fester and become much more troublesome. Dr. Tomazin offers DIAGNOdent™ and DEXIS™ CariVu™ for cavity detection.

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Benefits of Laser Cavity Detection

Detects Cavities Earlier

Detects Cavities Earlier

Traditional methods of cavity detection include clinical examinations and X-rays. While these are beneficial tools, they have some limitations. Cavity-causing bacteria can grow in the grooves of your teeth which can be undetectable through traditional methods, but noticeable with DIAGNOdent™ and DEXIS™ CariVu™.

Safer Than Previous Methods

Safer Than Previous Methods

The use of digital X-rays are safer than previous methods, and drastically reduce the amount of radiation exposure. Non-radiation methods which can also help detect early cavities include the use of DIAGNOdent™ and DEXIS™ CariVu™.

Prevents More Extensive Treatments

Prevents More Extensive Treatments

With early cavity detection, dental caries can be identified, treated and filled before they develop into something worse. By treating cavities early, you can prevent the need for more serious dental procedures such as root canals, crowns, or extractions.

Laser Cavity Detection Options


DIAGNOdent™ uses a non-invasive, painless laser that allows early identification of dental caries. A routine cleaning is required first. Once the teeth are cleaned, the DIAGNOdent™ laser is used to scan each tooth to identify any existing decay. Dr. Tomazin can determine the best course of action for your teeth once the examination is complete.

DEXIS™ CariVu™

DEXIS™ CariVu™ relies on transillumination to identify all cavities, decay, cracks or fractures in the tooth. The DEXIS™ CariVu™ system and camera are placed over each tooth. Infrared light causes healthy enamel to become transparent while decay and fractures become dark. This allows for easy, early, and accurate identification of dental caries and other concerns.

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Patient Testimonials

“I think Dr Chad Tomazin and his team are wonderful. I feel very confident in their work and would encourage my friends and others to “give them a try”. Chad takes great pride in his work and always looks for the best and most economical means to accomplish the task at hand. Also, I have never felt any pain whenever he has done any procedures on me. The whole staff is very efficient, professional and friendly.”

- Connie F.

“Enjoyed meeting Chad. Seems like a really good guy. His staff likes him and reports that his dentistry is excellent. Happier than ever to continue recommending Dr. Tomazin and “his girls” to my friends. Just saying that makes me feel good about the wonderful, competent women who work with Dr. Tomazin.”

- Siri-Dharma K.

“Dr. Chad is the BEST! He was able to assess my problem and explained it to me very well. He also offered an excellent solution and I am very happy with his work. He is kind, professional, extremely knowledgeable and #1 on my list of dental professionals. He is amazing.”

- Joanna M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent the formation of cavities?
A. A proper oral hygiene routine includes brushing and flossing twice a day. Other factors include visiting your dentist for routine checkups and limiting processed, acidic, and sugary foods.
Why is early detection important?
A. When cavities are detected early enough, a small, simple filling is often all that is required. Dental fillings are less painful and cheaper than more extensive dental procedures, such as root canals or crowns. Treating the problem early allows you a less-invasive option.
What are the benefits of less radiation?
A. Many individuals refrain from necessary dental X-rays because they are afraid of radiation. Although digital dental X-rays release a very low level of radiation, consideration should be given for pregnant women and patients who are at high risk for cancer.
Is laser cavity detection covered by insurance?
A. Some insurance providers may cover laser cavity detection. Check with your provider to see if you are covered.