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Dr. Tomazin and his Team offer you a wealth of combined experience. We take pride in our ability to communicate and deliver the highest level of dentistry to our patients.

Hygiene & OPT Programs


Routine examination of the gingiva (gums), teeth and bone, along with professional cleanings are essential in maintaining the foundation of healthy gum tissue. Our Hygiene team is dedicated to assisting our patients in maintaining healthy gums and a healthy smile by tailoring each appointment to the specific needs of each patient, as not all mouths are the same. The hygiene team is also focused on the overall health and wellness of each patient, and how that correlates with the oral tissue.

Alarmingly, statistics show that around 90% of periodontal inflammation and infection are not being properly treated. Our teeth and gums are constantly undergoing attacks from acid producing bacteria, which in turn causes damage and disease. If not addressed appropriately, this disease can ultimately result in bleeding gums, bone loss and eventual tooth loss. In fact, there are over a dozen types of bacteria that attack the gum tissue which are also known to cause damage to our arteries, heart and brain. Our hygiene department is dedicated to recognizing periodontal disease, and is equipped with the latest in dental technology to ensure excellence in service during your appointment.

What to expect during your visit with the dental hygienist:

* Routine gum/periodontal evaluation with periodontal probing and recommended treatment if
gingivitis and gum disease are present.
* Ultrasonic scalings and irrigation for removal of plaque, calculus, stain and to disrupt biofilm
on the tooth surface.
* Hand instrumentation for removal of plaque and calculus.
* Enamel treatment using a fluoride-free Xylitol based tooth polish.
* Evaluation of the enamel and recommendations for preventative products and dietary
changes to help maintain the pH balance of the saliva.
* Routine oral cancer screenings using Velscope (fluorescent light) technology.


Research has shown that 80% of us will have periodontal disease in our lifetime. Inflammation, bleeding and infection of the gum tissue is traditionally treated with removing the debris from above the gum line and under the gum tissue with periodontal deep cleanings. However, in the majority of cases the periodontal infection will present itself again thus resulting in patients having to undergo more deep scaling throughout their lifetime. Knowing the destruction periodontal disease causes, Dr. Tomazin and the hygiene team have researched and developed an integrative approach for treating gum disease. Treating the periodontal bacterial infection from “the inside out and outside in” provides long-term success in stopping the disease process in its tracks.

Ozone Therapy Periodontal Program

  • Evaluation of periodontal tissue
  • Bacterial Genetic DNA testing (a saliva test to evaluate the types and quantity of bacteria present) using the OralDNA lab
  • Pharmaceutical grade supplements to support the periodontal tissue during periodontal treatment
  • Periodontal treatment of gum disease consisting of:
    • Scaling and root planing to remove debris
    • Irrigation with ozone water
    • Destroying bacteria colonies in infected pockets with activated oxygen
  • Supportive topical medicaments for use a home
  • Dietary evaluation and recommendations for oral tissue support
  • Personalized oral hygiene instructions


Unique to Dr. Tomazin’s dental office is the availability of Oxygen-Ozone treatment for his patients.

When any type of pathogen (i.e. bacteria, virus, fungal etc.) comes in contact with activated oxygen, the cell walls of those pathogens are ruptured resulting in “the destruction of the pathogens.”

  • Irrigation with ozone water helps to reduce the pathogen load in and around the periodontal pockets.
  • Insufflating the diseased pocket and gum tissue with ozone gas after the scaling and root planing allows the “bacteria invaded tissue” to absorb the gas thus destroying the bacteria in the diseased tissue.

How Can We Help?

Dr. Tomazin and his Team offer you a wealth of combined experience. We take pride in our ability to communicate and deliver the highest level of dentistry.