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Creating Beautiful Smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry in Riverside and Inland Empire

Healthy, natural-looking teeth are the foundation of every beautiful smile. Broken, stained, or spaced teeth can make you feel self-conscious about yourself and may prevent you from the activities and social interactions you enjoy. Dr. Chad Tomazin can help restore your smile to its natural beauty. We believe in improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile to help improve your confidence and overall quality of life.

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Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Natural Results

Natural Results

Cosmetic dentistry technology offers some of the most natural-looking and longest-lasting results. Dr. Tomazin can create a one-of-a-kind result by restoring your teeth to their natural beauty and function while also matching the tooth shade.

Free From Metal

Free From Metal

Metal crowns and fillings have long been used to repair damaged teeth; however, these methods can be aesthetically unappealing and harmful to your overall health. Cosmetic dentistry offers metal-free options to keep your smile looking healthy and beautiful.

Temporary Restorations in a Single Visit

Temporary Restorations in a Single Visit

If you’d like to see what your teeth will look like after a cosmetic smile makeover before ever having your teeth prepared, we offer “temporary” extreme smile makeovers. Rather than viewing what can be achieved with computer imaging or looking at model restorations, you can actually see what your repairs will look like in your own mouth with your own smile. This can help you decide what type of smile makeover is best for you to achieve your cosmetic goals.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Address

Broken Teeth

Teeth damaged by injury or tooth decay can often leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can restore broken, cracked, or chipped teeth so that you can smile with confidence.

Spaced Teeth

Teeth that are ill-spaced can now be fixed painlessly with the use of veneers and crowns. Traditional braces are no longer the only option for improving the spacing of your teeth.

Stained Teeth

Discolored teeth can negatively impact the radiant look of your smile. Common foods and drinks, such as coffee and red wine, can leave you with an undesirable shade. However, cosmetic dentistry can brighten and whiten teeth so that your smile glows from every angle.

Our Values


“Your oral health is our number one concern, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the very best to take care of you!”


“Although we have the latest tools that technology has to offer, our goal is still to prevent problems before they occur.”


“Dr. Chad Tomazin and his team will carefully design a dental plan to make YOUR dream smile a reality.”

Patient Testimonials

“I think your entire team is professional, competent, caring, and friendly. I also think you, Dr. Tomazin, are an excellent dentist! The two hygienists with whom I interacted (Brenda and Jennifer, I think) were both impressive! Andi is always hardworking and friendly and Debi is too.”

- Diane S.

“Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, it was a great dental visit. I loved how thorough they were in evaluating the health of my mouth! So much different than my previous experience with dentists.”

- Debrah N.

“I have never recommended nor been impressed by a dentist office before. Both have happened since I found this place. I’m extremely impressed with the comfort, atmosphere, friendliness and professionalism shown here and I truly think more dentists and businesses in general should strive to be like this. I wish I had found them sooner.”

- Jeremiah D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will cosmetic dentistry be covered by insurance?
Typically, cosmetic dentistry is not covered by insurance. Contact your insurance provider and our office to see if you are covered and to discuss your options.
How can I prevent the need for cosmetic dentistry?
While cosmetic dentistry can restore your smile, it is best to practice good oral hygiene (proper brushing and flossing at home as well as routine check-ups with your dentist) to reduce the need for cosmetic dentistry.
Can crowns and veneers be made while I wait?
While our CEREC® system can create most temporary crowns, inlays, and onlays in the office while you wait, we use the best dental labs to make crowns and other restorations of the highest quality for more permanent cosmetic dentistry results.