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Same Day Crowns in Riverside and Inland Empire

Dental crowns can restore a healthy, natural look to chipped, cracked, and damaged teeth. Unfortunately, preparing, creating, and cementing traditional crowns is a lengthy process that involves uncomfortable impression materials, less-than-reliable temporary crowns, and multiple appointments. With the groundbreaking use of CEREC® 3D technology, everything you know about crowns is about to change. Dr. Tomazin offers CEREC® restorations that are completed in as little as a single appointment. Whether you are getting crowns for the first time or are looking to replace failing restorations, no other crown will look or feel more like a natural tooth.

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Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

No More Temporary Crowns

No More Temporary Crowns

With a traditional crown procedure, an initial appointment is necessary to prepare the tooth, make an impression of it, and attach a temporary crown. A separate appointment is required weeks later to cement that crown. Temporary crowns may also fall off, requiring an additional office visit. This means at least two appointments that involve getting numbed and taking time out of your day.

Permanent Porcelain Crowns While You Wait

Permanent Porcelain Crowns While You Wait

Unlike the traditional crown procedure, CEREC® same-day crowns offer stunning crowns without the wait. Your tooth is prepared for the crown the same way as it would be during a traditional procedure. However, CEREC® uses a specialized camera to take digital impressions that are simultaneously sent to the computer where Dr. Tomazin designs the restoration. With this technology, your new porcelain crown is milled in-office in 15 to 20 minutes. One appointment is all that is necessary for a lasting crown you’ll be proud to smile with.

Natural-Looking Results

Natural-Looking Results

With CEREC® technology, Dr. Tomazin uses unique porcelain that expands, contracts, and wears down at the same rate as natural enamel. The traditional porcelain used for crowns is fabricated in an off-site lab and is often more abrasive and looks less natural. CEREC® crowns are fabricated while you wait to ensure the best fit and the most natural-looking results.

Same Day Crowns Can Address

Failing Restorations

Unfortunately, crowns are not designed to last forever. If you are experiencing difficulty with an existing crown and are looking to replace it, CEREC® 3D technology can raise your smile game to the next level without the hassle of repeat appointments.

Broken Teeth

A smile that shows broken or chipped teeth can be damaging to your self-esteem and your oral health. Same-day crowns allow you to regain both.

Replace Mercury Fillings

Although traditional crowns do not contain mercury, it’s not uncommon for the fillings beneath the crown to be made of mercury. Same-day restorations with CEREC® can remove mercury from your mouth and cover the prepared tooth with a natural-looking crown.

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“Your oral health is our number one concern, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the very best to take care of you!”


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Patient Testimonials

“I think your entire team is professional, competent, caring, and friendly. I also think you, Dr. Tomazin, are an excellent dentist! The two hygienists with whom I interacted (Brenda and Jennifer, I think) were both impressive! Andi is always hardworking and friendly and Debi is too.”

- Diane S.

“Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, it was a great dental visit. I loved how thorough they were in evaluating the health of my mouth! So much different than my previous experience with dentists.”

- Debrah N.

“I have never recommended nor been impressed by a dentist office before. Both have happened since I found this place. I’m extremely impressed with the comfort, atmosphere, friendliness and professionalism shown here and I truly think more dentists and businesses in general should strive to be like this. I wish I had found them sooner.”

- Jeremiah D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will same-day crowns be covered by insurance?
A. Cosmetic dental procedures are not usually covered by insurance. However, as these are crowns, you should contact your insurance provider to determine your coverage options.
Do same-day crowns contain metal?
A. No. The porcelain Dr. Tomazin uses for same-day crowns is 100 percent porcelain. There is no metal used in the fabrication of your crown.
Will I need to come back for a visit after my same-day crowns?
A. With CEREC® same-day crowns, you can achieve lasting results in as little as one appointment. Your new crown is made while you wait, which means that the entire process will be completed in one sitting. There are no follow-ups, and you can enjoy your healthy-looking smile without any distractions until your next scheduled check-up.
How long will my same-day crowns last?
A. CEREC® crowns are durable and long lasting. Most crowns last 10 to 15 years but can last longer if they are well maintained.