Dentistry for Special Needs Patients

Posted March 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Throughout his experience, Dr. Tomazin has witnessed the need for dentistry for special needs patients. Although patients with a developmental disability or other special need make up about 20 percent of the American population, many private dental clinics must turn them away because they simply do not have the qualifications (or patience) to help them.

Special needs patients, both young and old, often require extra time and advanced training from their dental care provider. Those who have a mental disability (especially children) may become anxious as a result of the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the dental office, and their dentist must feel comfortable practicing sedation dentistry or other special techniques that put the patient at ease.

Other patients may have an impairment that tests their ability to practice regular oral hygiene. Such patients may have suffered from a stroke, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, autism, genetic disorders, or arthritis, and they may require extra dental visits to better monitor potential problems.

Dr. Tomazin has served many special needs patients and offers “sleep” dentistry as well as sedation with anesthesia, which is monitored by a dental anesthesiologist for the duration of the procedure. All concerns and preferences regarding anesthesia or treatment can be discussed beforehand.

Dr. Tomazin strives to provide a private, comfortable experience for all patients who come to his practice. He provides a full range of services for special needs patients, including fillings, extractions, implants, dentures, root canal, and many more. The goal with every treatment is to customize it to meet the patient’s unique needs.

Dr. Tomazin is not a Dental Cal provider but serves cash-paying patrons who seek an especially supportive and comfortable atmosphere for their disabled loved one.

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