Exchange Metal Fillings for Composite Fillings

Posted June 27, 2017 in Dentistry

Metal Filling in ToothMetal fillings have been used on teeth since the 1800s and are still used in dentistry today. However, metal fillings contain mercury, a metal known to have toxic effects on the body. Our biological dentist, Dr. Chad Tomazin, can exchange your metal fillings for composite fillings. Not only will this eliminate a health hazard, but it will also give you a more beautiful smile.

The Aesthetic Downsides of Metal Fillings

The aesthetic issue with metal fillings is that they are easy to see. Metal fillings are silver in color, which does not match the color of the affected tooth or surrounding teeth. Consequently, when you smile or open your mouth, the world can see your fillings. This detracts from your appearance and draws attention to your unfortunate history of cavities.

The Health Hazards of Metal Fillings

Additionally, “silver” amalgam fillings are a health hazard because they are 50 percent mercury. Because of this, metal fillings emit mercury vapor that can enter the bloodstream. The potential health effects of mercury exposure are notable. It can cause harm to the immune, cardiac, respiratory, digestive, and urinary systems, and it has also been shown to cause brain cell damage. Some physicians may even encourage you to have your metal fillings removed due to the risks they pose to your health.

Switching From Metal to Composite Fillings

Regarding both aesthetics and health hazards, composite fillings have been shown to be better for your smile. Composite fillings are tooth-colored and are hardly noticeable because they blend with the surrounding teeth. They contain no mercury, making them far less of a health hazard than amalgam fillings. Even if you already have multiple metal fillings, you can have them exchanged for more biocompatible materials.

The removal process for metal fillings requires advanced technical equipment and should be performed by a biological dentist who can adequately address the issues. Because mercury vapor is released upon removal of a metal filling, special techniques and suction devices are required to minimize exposure for the patient and dental team. Dr. Tomazin works with your doctor’s recommendations regarding mercury removal and can help you achieve a more holistic and biocompatible approach to dentistry.
By having your metal fillings exchanged for a safer option, you can improve your smile and reduce your health risks. To learn more about science-based biological and holistic dentistry, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tomazin. Call (951) 686-3666 or complete our online contact form to reach us today.