How to Determine if your Body is Sensitive to Dental Materials

Posted July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

With the increasing amount of man-made materials used in healthcare, it is now wise for us to know what materials our bodies are sensitive to.  When our bodies are overloaded with materials that it is sensitive to , inflammation sets in.  When inflammation sets in, it causes varies ailments from lethargy to autoimmune issues.

Interestingly,  what may be acceptable materials for one may be harmful to another.  Let’s dive into this topic of dental material sensitivity a little deeper…

How can you tell if you may be at a higher risk for sensitivity to dental materials? 

***An individual who has moderate to severe allergic reactions to many different man made materials is typically a  candidate

***An individual who has unusual environmental sensitivities

*Chronic inflammation adjacent to where the dental filling/crown is located

*Unusual sores next to restorations that seem to not resolve themselves

*severe inflammation of oral tissue or lips

Just how relevant is Dental Material Testing? Well that all depends on the health of the patient needing the testing.  It also depends on the types of materials that are currently in the mouth reacting in a negative way together.  Here at my Holistic Cosmetic Dental office, we do encourage those individuals who are at a higher risk of having a dental sensitivity issue to have dental materials testing completed prior to treatment.

The test we recommend is the Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing.  This test is ideal as it is a blood test that evaluates the levels of antibodies produced when coming into contact with materials used in dentistry.  The CMRT reports on over 13,000 dental products and over 94 chemical groups used.  Once the levels of sensitivity are determined, they are compiled in a report listing the materials from the most compatible to least compatible.  The report is then sent to our office and is read, from the results of the testing a treatment plan is formulated using only the materials that are non-reactive to the patient.  There are instances where detoxifying the body is recommended in conjunction with this to decrease inflammation throughout the body.  Undergoing the care of a naturopathic/homeopathic doctor for detoxifying the body, can help the body/oral tissue decrease inflammation, thus a better cosmetic result for dental treatment.

If you think you may have an issue with dental material safety, please call our office to schedule a consultation (951)686-3666.