What Is Biological Dentistry and How Does It Benefit You?

Posted February 12, 2024 in Biological Dentistry

Biological dentistry is a philosophy of care that considers the patient’s holistic health, avoids toxic materials, and works to remove previous dental materials that contain harmful materials. 

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Many people know the benefits of healthy living: eating whole, organic foods, working out, and limiting exposure to harmful substances. Why not carry this focus to their dental care? 

Biological dentistry is nothing new, yet it’s only recently begun to get traction as a holistic philosophy of care. Biological dentistry considers the impact of oral health on overall health: keep reading to see what it can do for you.

What Is Biological Dentistry?

It may sound a bit complicated, but biological dentistry involves considering a person’s overall health when it comes to dental care. Rather than considering oral care as a separate facet that concerns only the mouth, teeth, and gums, biological dentistry considers other aspects of a patient’s physical makeup and how that plays a role in their dental care. 

Each body process is interconnected. A biological dentist essentially operates under this type of thinking. Suboptimal oral care can (and does) have negative implications for the rest of the body. 

Your biological dentist will care for your teeth just like a traditional dentist, only with more consideration for how dental care affects your health, how procedures and dental materials play a role in the body, and how to approach dental concerns more conservatively. 

With biological dentistry, you can expect the following. 

Holistic Care

The term “holistic” often has connotations of non-traditional medications and techniques, but it really means consideration for the whole. A biological dentist will take a holistic approach, looking at the patient’s whole health profile and will consider the implications of each treatment they perform. 

For example, a biological dentist will care for your teeth and oral hygiene while considering your immune system, gut health, and the impact oral health has on other body systems. More people are starting to realize that dental issues affect overall body health significantly, and a biological dentist can keep you informed as to exactly how this happens and how best to intervene to reach the goal of optimal health. 

Additionally, holistic or biological dentistry rethinks the use of common dental materials and whether they are truly safe for the patient, especially for certain patients who are predisposed to developing sensitivities to these materials. 

Non-toxic Materials

One of the primary aims of biological dentistry is to ensure that all medications, procedures, and dental materials are non-toxic, least reactive, and safe for patients. From anesthesia to dental implants, your biological dentist has a commitment to providing exemplary care that also utilizes entirely safe and non-toxic materials. 

Removal of Incompatible Material

Aside from their commitment to avoiding toxic materials in their patients’ oral care, biological dentists are trained to remove materials that are considered toxic. One of the most common materials that has been used in traditional dentistry is mercury in the form of amalgam fillings. 

Although widely used in dentistry, mercury is classified as a neurotoxin. While the ADA still claims that the small amount of the material in amalgam fillings suggests little risk to dental patients, biological dentistry follows the guideline that there are no safe levels of mercury exposure. Your biological dentist will not use it in their practice. 

This goes beyond generally not placing new amalgam fillings: your biological dentist is trained to follow strict protocols to remove amalgam fillings safely. A biological dentist certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Technology (IAOMT) takes extra precautions to protect their patient, staff, and the environment from mercury exposure while removing amalgam fillings. 

Interested in Biological Dentistry in Riverside, CA?

Dr. Chad Tomazin, DDS., is a member of the IAOMT, incorporating safe, non-toxic practices for all his dental patients. Dr. Tomazin offers various biological dental treatments, including safe amalgam filling removal, fluoride treatment alternatives, activated oxygen-ozone treatments, and VELscope® imaging. 

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