What Is Oxygen-Ozone Therapy?

Posted July 30, 2020 in Ozone Therapy

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Oxygen-ozone dental therapy (or ozone therapy) is a procedure where oxygen gas and other components (usually water) are used to sterilize areas of the mouth. It works by targeting areas of infection with highly concentrated oxygen gas or oxygen-infused water. This high concentration can disrupt the life cycle of bacteria and many other infectious particles without negatively impacting the surrounding healthy tissues. The use of concentrated oxygen helps destroy biofilms, which are colonies of bacteria, fungi, or other microscopic organisms growing on or beneath teeth. Such treatment may also wash away the toxic aftereffects of such infections before they can further damage your teeth. This provides better health benefits compared to other forms of oral cavity sterilization.

A dental hygienist holding a medical tool that can be used to deliver highly oxygenated water

When performed alone, oxygen-ozone therapy is not proven to have significant health benefits. For this reason, ozone therapy is often used in concert with other procedures where significant benefits have been observed. 

What Does Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Treat?

Oxygen therapy can be used to disinfect areas, such as cavities, with fewer side effects than more traditional treatments. It can also be used to assist in the treatment of issues such as:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay (usually before a filling)
  • Sores and open wounds in the oral cavity
  • Root canal

What Are the Benefits of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy?

One of the most significant reasons to choose oxygen-ozone therapy is that it carries less risk of side effects than many other sterilizing techniques within the mouth. Because oxygen is something the body naturally absorbs, excess oxygen does not harm human tissues. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that excess oxygen may speed wound healing and cellular regeneration among human tissue.

As a sterilization technique, oxygen-ozone therapy is cheap, fast, and effective, which is challenging to match with other more traditional treatment options. It is more effective at treating infections beneath the gum line than antibiotics due to infectious particles clinging to enamel, bone, and other materials that antibiotics have trouble reaching. Studies suggest that oxygen-ozone therapy is highly effective at reducing the risk of infection during and after implanting osseointegrated dental implants.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Chad Tomazin?

Dr. Chad Tomazin offers cosmetic and general dentistry services for patients in the Inland Empire. He is SMART certified (for the safe removal of mercury fillings) and a practitioner of biological dentistry, a concept in dentistry that strives to put the overall health of the patient above all else. Dr. Tomazin seeks out and applies treatments and practices that create the least toxicity and potential harm to your health. 

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