What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Posted July 5, 2017 in Sedation

Some people experience anxiety and fear when visiting the dentist. To make the experience of caring for your teeth as pleasant for you as possible, we offer sedation dentistry. Dr. Tomazin is a dental anesthesiologist and can use anesthesia to help nervous adults, children, or patients with special needs be more comfortable during their dental visit.

Why We Offer Sedation Dentistry

Woman Using Inhalation SedationDr. Tomazin is a deeply caring dentist who makes every effort to provide the best dental care experience for his patients. However, some people still feel anxious or scared about going to the dentist. Children may become uncooperative and restless in the dentist’s chair. Individuals with certain health problems such as heart troubles, gag-reflex, and disabilities may require sedation for safety. A previously unpleasant dental visit can affect individuals so strongly that they may avoid the dentist altogether, and the resulting lack of regular checkups can lead to tooth decay and permanent tooth loss.  

To assuage these problems, we offer sedation dental services. Sedation dentistry allows vulnerable individuals to get the dental care they need without the apprehension or fear. Various treatment modalities offered by our expert dental anesthesiologist, Dr. Chad Tomazin, help patients feel comfortable and allow the dental treatments to proceed as smoothly as possible. With sedation dentistry, patients who have previously been unable or unwilling to go to the dentist as frequently as they need to can receive the necessary dental treatments that will help prevent tooth decay and other dental problems.

Our Sedation and Anesthesia Services

We offer a variety of sedation and anesthesia services to accommodate every patient’s needs. In addition to local anesthesia and oral sedation, we offer intravenous sedation to help patients relax more deeply. Our sedation treatments range from minimal (aware but relaxed) to deep sedation (not easily aroused). We also offer general anesthesia so that the patient can be completely unconscious and unresponsive for the duration of the procedure. The patient is carefully monitored while under any of these forms of sedation and anesthesia. Dr. Tomazin finds sedation dentistry to be incredibly beneficial for many patients. Thanks to sedation dentistry, all interested patients—even those who dread going to the dentist—can receive dental treatment in a relaxed or sedated state.

Sedation dentistry can help you or a loved one have a more positive experience when visiting the dentist. To learn about sedation dentistry with our dentist and dental anesthesiologist, Dr. Chad Tomazin, schedule your appointment by calling (951) 686-3666 or by completing our online contact form today.