What to Do if Your Dental Crown Falls Off

Posted November 28, 2017 in Fallen Dental Crowns

Dental crown installation process,Dental crowns are placed over damaged, weak, fractured, or otherwise dysfunctional teeth to improve their function, alignment, shape, or appearance. Even though they are cemented on, a crown may occasionally fall off of the tooth. If your dental crown falls off, you need to make a dental appointment as soon as you can. Dr. Tomazin offers same-day crowns for your convenience and can replace your broken or loose crown in just one office visit.

Why Dental Crowns Might Fall Off

A dental crown might fall off for a few reasons. One of these is due to tooth decay beneath the crown that destroys part of the tooth so that the crown no longer fits tightly onto the tooth. Another reason is if the cement bonding holding your crown to your tooth isn’t strong enough. One of the most common reasons a dental crown might fall off is due to abuse. If you grind your teeth, use them as tools, subject your crown to unnatural stress or force, or eat too many hard or sticky foods, you can weaken or break a dental crown.

Contact Your Dentist

Losing a dental crown is rarely an emergency that requires immediate rectification. Still, it should be corrected as soon as possible. The newly exposed tooth may be weak and sensitive to temperature, friction, pressure, or air. Contact your dentist and let him or her know what happened, then schedule the next available appointment to go in and have the crown replaced. In the meantime, you can use dental cement to protect your tooth or temporarily seal the old crown on it until you see your dentist. This temporary “solution” should only be used for a short while until you can get a crown replacement.

Same-Day Crowns With Dr. Tomazin

Dr. Tomazin uses CEREC 3D technology to fabricate same-day dental crowns. Often with traditional crown replacement, a new crown must be made to ensure that it fits securely over the tooth. Thus, a temporary crown is placed at your first appointment, and the new crown is fitted at a later date. But with CEREC 3D technology, if your crown falls off, Dr. Tomazin can replace your crown the same day you come in for your first appointment.

For your same-day crown appointment, the area will be numbed, your tooth will be prepared, and the CEREC will take a digital impression. This impression will be transferred to a software program where Dr. Tomazin will design the new dental crown on the spot. The milling unit will fabricate the newly designed crown while you wait. Then the crown will be bonded to the prepared tooth, fully restoring your crown. Dr. Tomazin can fix broken teeth and old silver fillings in one visit with tooth-colored porcelain crowns to restore the appearance and function of your smile.