Are Yellowing Teeth Aging Your Smile?

Posted September 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Are Yellowing Teeth Aging Your Smile?

So you think your teeth may be yellowing or that your smile just does not have the sheen it used to.  This is a common concern that our dental team hears from our patients’.  In this blog I am going to share a few reasons why your teeth appear to be more yellow as the years pass.

1. Stain: there are 2 types of stain: stain that goes inside the tooth and stain that only resides on the outside of the tooth.  The stain that resides on the surface of the tooth is due to many foods and drinks we eat along with areas missed during oral hygiene care at home.  This stain can be removed by a dental hygienist during a routine cleaning.  It will also help you to spend more time at home with brushing and flossing.  Also investing in an electric toothbrush will help.  The stain that resides inside the tooth causing a dull and yellow look to the tooth is from years of eating/drinking foods that stain enamel.  Simply, anything that could stain a white shirt over time can lead to yellowing of the teeth.

2. Recession: when there is gum recession, the roots are exposed to the oral environment and can quickly become discolored as the root surface is much weaker than enamel.

3. Exposure to Antibiotics: individuals exposed to high quantities of antibiotics as a child are more prone to yellow, dull, or gray looking enamel.  Tetracycline is the main culprit in this, this antibiotic is now rarely if ever given to a child due to its devastating effects.

4. Crowded/Misaligned teeth: individuals who do not have a balanced bite run the risk of creating pockets for bacteria/plaque to congregate and create inflammation of the gum tissue and dulling of the enamel.


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